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Why I choose React for my projects

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Why I choose React for my projects

In the dynamic realm of frontend development, selecting the right technology stack is crucial. Among the options, React stands out for many developers. In this article, I'll explore why React consistently wins a place in my projects.

There might be numerous debates about which technologies are better and what should be preferred. However, the choice of technology always depends on various factors, which I have described in the article: Making the right technology choices before starting a new frontend project.

Market demands

As a web developer employed by various companies, your choices are often guided by market trends. From my experience, your focus will likely be on React, Vue or Angular to remain relevant.

In this scenario, it would be highly irresponsible to suggest bleeding-edge technologies and then, after several years of development, realize that the technology is no longer relevant, and there are no developers willing to learn it.

Backward compatibility

Since its establishment, the React ecosystem has maintained remarkable backward compatibility. Similarly, Next.js has exhibited outstanding compatibility right from its beginning. Code from earlier versions of these tools can still be employed effectively.


I personally dislike the special template syntax used by frameworks; it can be quite challenging to grasp. Of course, there are IDEs for assistance, but even then, with JSX, you simply write code, and you’re good to go.

Safe choice

I had a situation where I gained significant experience in Angular.js 1.*, and then suddenly, this technology ended up obsolete. In the frontend world, becoming a “veteran” in any technology is challenging, but it seems React is a strong contender to become a technology with developers who possess extensive expertise in it.

The React ecosystem will remain relevant next year, as well as in 10 and 20 years, similar to how we cannot phase out PHP or jQuery.

Personal projects

Moving fast

When it comes to moving quickly, I will still choose React for my projects because it’s the technology I’m confident will enable swift progress.

Additionally, the large community associated with React facilitates rapid development, as it already provides libraries for common tasks.

Moving slower

To be honest, I see Svelte as a significant competitor to React in the future. It boasts incredibly innovative technological concepts and solutions.

Therefore, if it’s a personal project and there’s ample time for coding and learning, I would opt for Svelte.

Dzmitry Kozhukh

Written by Dzmitry Kozhukh

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